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Our History

Ng Eng Kee
NEK Group founder

The founder, the late Ng Eng Kee was born in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia in1925. From his teenage years, he helped his father, the late Ng Chong Geng to establish manufacturing and trading companies which specialized in rubber, palm oil and petrochemical products. In the 1970s till 2000s, our group expanded to China and other overseas market, venturing into the real estate and manufacturing. 

In recent years, NEK Group have evolved into a family office that invest in multi-asset classes and impactful companies ranging from fintech, AI, semiconductor, human resource engagement platforms, travel, jewelry, to luxury goods. 

We continue to  invest in companies at every stage from seed stage to growth stage along with highly profitable late stage companies. We provide early stage companies not only with equity capital, but with mentorship support and networking access to both South East Asia region and China Greater Bay region.

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